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Easter brunch ideas: Italian Easter bread with eggs (braided bread recipes)

Intro: Your Easter brunch ideas should include this yummy Italian Easter bread with eggs. This braided bread recipe counts as one of my favorite dishes to make for brunch. It's likely that your braided Easter egg bread will garner "oohs" and "ahhhs" from kids and adults alike.

Easter brunch ideas: Italian Easter bread with eggs (braided bread recipe)
Jeb Creative Commons

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The Scoop on Italian Easter Bread With Eggs

There's a couple of reasons that this braided bread recipe includes colorful Easter eggs. Throughout history, people used decorated eggs to symbolize fertility, springtime and renewal.

Additionally, as Yankee Magazine points out, the Easter egg bread recipe makes a nice addition to your Easter brunch ideas, because once upon a time, eggs were among the forbidden foods of Lent.

About the Italian Easter Egg Bread Recipe

Although the photo shows the braided Easter egg bread with colored eggs, you don't have to boil the eggs before you make the bread. The process of baking them will do the trick.

You decorate the eggs beforehand in their raw forms, being careful not to break the egg. You then braid the eggs in with the dough.

This bread tastes great with brunch dishes like a quiche dish, an asparagus casserole made with eggs or a three-cheese souffle.

Easter Brunch Recipes: Braided Easter Egg Bread

There are a couple of Italian Easter bread with eggs recipes. I'm including links for a few different recipes. The last recipe from Laura in the Kitchen is the recipe featured in the video. If you need some visuals as you plan your Easter brunch ideas, the video will definitely help.

Italian Easter egg bread with raisins or candied fruit from Yankee Magazine

Orange-flavored sweet bread from the Brown-Eyed Baker. This one is without eggs

Sweet bread with vanilla and orange flavors from Laura in the Kitchen

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