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Easter brunch ideas: Hot cross buns recipes (how to make hot cross buns)

Intro: These hot cross buns recipes will get stuck in your head as surely as the song of the same name did when you were a kid. These traditional recipes are musts to add to your Good Friday or Easter brunch ideas along with Italian Easter egg bread. While this recipe has quite a few ingredients, it isn't difficult to learn how to make hot cross buns, which means you'll be able to add this delish treat to your list of Easter recipes to make year after year.

Easter brunch ideas: Hot cross buns recipe (how to make hot cross buns)
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The History of Hot Cross Buns

When I was a kid, I learned how to play the violin a bit. Nothing to write home about. Really, it was just a neighbor teaching me how to play, because she was in the school orchestra and had a violin. It was because of this, that I learned how to play the "Hot Cross Buns" song.

Anyway, until I really became a foodie, I never realized that a hot cross buns recipe even existed. Once I did have an inkling, I must admit that I then wanted to know about the history of hot cross buns.

Like Italian Easter bread, this tradition actually has roots that extend back much further than the celebration of Easter. According to Food Time Line, the precursor to the hot cross buns recipe goes all the way back to the spring festivals of the ancient Greeks.

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They gave away little cakes at their festivals to celebrate the coming of spring. Similarly, pagan cultures celebrated spring and the goddess Eostre for whom Easter is named.

The hot cross buns recipe is fairly similar to cinnamon roll recipes. Very often this recipe is actually served on Good Friday, but I love it so much, I often make my hot cross bun recipe for both Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Good Friday and Easter Brunch Ideas: Hot Cross Buns Recipes

The hot cross buns recipes below are great recipes for kids and adults alike. Anyone of the them will teach you how to make hot cross buns for Good Friday and for Easter.

Sweet Hot Cross Buns Recipe

Best Hot Cross Buns

Hazelnut Hot Cross Buns

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