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Easter Baskets

Our 4 legged companions have survived the holiday. They didn't escape thru opening and closing doors by people who weren't watching. They didn't get any horrible stomach upsets from all the scraps company fed them. So you think they are safe. One of the biggest dangers is still lurking around your house. The Easter Basket. It is full of all kinds of deadly things for your companion. There is chocolate, of which only a small amount can be fatal. There is that very colorful Easter grass. When eaten by a 4 legged kid, it can cause blockages, which in turn will cause death if not caught in time. There is the tin foil the candy is wrapped in, and the chemical in your sugarless candy, both of which are bad news for these guys. If there were little toys in there the parts can be chewed and swallowed, and once again cause blockages and tears in the stomach. So please, you are the caregiver, so be sure these baskets are up, and out of reach so no one gets hurt. Hope you had a wonderful Easter!