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Easter arts and crafts: How to make an Easter basket for kids

Intro: If your kids love Easter arts and crafts, then you'll want to teach them how to make an Easter basket for kids. Participating in craft projects during the holidays throughout the year helps kids feel like a part of things. Arts and crafts also develop skills like planning and fine motor skills. Finally, helping your kids bring their Easter basket ideas to life is just plain fun, and they make great centerpieces for your Easter dinner table.

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How to Make Easter Baskets for Kids

You'll Need:

  • A colorful basket -- you can find these usually at the dollar store or at the secondhand store
  • Or as an alternative, get a large coffee can and paint it Easter colors and add a ribbon handle
  • Plastic Easter grass
  • Colorful ribbons
  • Colored eggs
  • Easter candies
  • Colored cellophane
  • Newspapers

Easter Arts and Crafts: Making the Easter Basket

  1. Spread newspapers out on the work area. It'll keep the mess from the Easter grass and spilled candies to a minimum.
  2. Clean out the Easter basket if it's secondhand. Spray the bottom and the sides with Windex or another cleaner and wipe any grime away.
  3. Allow the basket to dry and then fill the bottom with the plastic grass.
  4. Nestle larger items on the bottom. If your child has chocolate Easter bunnies, then stick those in the bottom first to provide an anchor for them so they'll stay standing.
  5. Fill in the basket with other types of Easter candy. Consider keeping jelly beans in small bags. They get sticky otherwise. You can make some small bags from the colored cellophane and tying them together with the ribbon.
  6. Decorate the homemade Easter basket with ribbons.
  7. Wrap the colored cellophane around the Easter basket and secure the top with a colorful bow.

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Tips to Personalize the Easter Basket

  1. Have your child paint Easter designs on the basket with poster paint.
  2. Teach your kids how to make pop-up Easter cards if they're giving the basket as gifts to friends or grandparents. Here's a tutorial for making pop-up cards.
  3. If you'd like to learn how to make an Easter basket that's more for adults, watch the video.
  4. If you're not giving the Easter basket as a gift, use it as a centerpiece for your Easter table along with your Easter egg tree.
  5. Order items for your Easter basket like stuffed rabbits and plastic eggs on Amazon.
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