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East Side Restaurant in New Britain Delicious German Food and Beer

German Food
German Food
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Dining at the Eastside Restaurant in New Britain is like taking at trip to Germany. The family owned restaurant has staff dressed in traditional German attire and the dining interior has German antiques, furniture, and paintings. There is a painting or mural in the dining room called "A View of Hidelberg." There are also antique beer mugs and steins on the wall to for customers to look at.

In 2009, they added the Munich Room and Englisier Bier Garden. This room has a new beer dispensing system. The granite tables have snow rails to keep the beer cold. They restaurant is open for lunch and dinner Tuesday thru Sunday. On Sundays, they just serve dinner.

The lunch menu has a good selection of appetizers like German Potato Pancakes, Clams Casino, Marinated Herring and the wurst sample platter. German draft beer is served in 1/2 litre, full litre, novelty litre, or two litre das boot.

Lunch entrees include Sauerbraten marinated beef with sour cream gravy and red cabbage. It come with mashed potatoes, spatazle, french fries, or potato pancakes. Burgmeister is two knockwursts or bratwursts served over sauerkraut, German Pot Roast, and Chicken Snitzel breaded with your choice of potato. They have broiled seafood like scallops and baked stuffed shrimp. Cole slaw and bread is usually served with the meal. They have wine and non-alcoholic beverages for customers.

They have a great children's menu with chicken nuggets, knockwurst or bratwurst served over sauerkraut, chicken nuggets, and roast turkey. It is served with vegetables, potatoes, and dessert. They also have linguine or spatzle with sauce. Beverages are soda, milk, and juices. Desserts are chocolate or vanilla sundae, sherbert, or jello.

The dinner menu has many of the lunch entrees but more selections. They have full course dinners served with appetizers and choice of potatoes. Dinner items include filet mignon, prime rib, broiled sirloin steak, braised short ribs, chicken snitzel, saurebraten, hungarian goulash, and more. Entrees are larger than lunch items. If you have room they have large selection of homemade dessert and fresh brewed coffee. Most patrons fill up on the delicious meals and beer.

For beer drinker East Side Restaurant has the Mug Club and many daily specials and deals. They have live musical entertainment every Saturday night and offer group and banquet catering. They have wood tables chairs and booths in a stylish comfortable dining atmosphere They sell beer mugs, steins that make a great gifts for the holidays or special occasions and have gift cards.

Stop by sometime for lunch or diner its like taking a trip to Germany for a few hours. It located at 131 Dwight Street, New Britain, CT or call 860-223-1188 for more information.

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