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East Palo Alto, CA, infant's death was mistaken identity (photo, video)

Mistaken identity causes murder of 3-month old, CA
Mistaken identity causes murder of 3-month old, CA
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East Palo Alto, CA, infant's death was mistaken identity (photo, video)

3-month old infant murdered in East Palo Alto, CA
Garcia Lopez family and CBS

"He was such a precious angel," sobbed Ivonne Garcia-Lopez, the 28-year old mother of little 3-month old Izak Jesus Garcia-Lopez who was killed as the result of a mistaken identity in East Palo Alto in the San Francisco Bay Area on Monday morning.

"He is my everything. I was making my own little family and we were happy, and this person came into my life and destroyed it. They killed my baby and they killed part of my soul, too."

San Francisco Bay Area residents are learning in top news that the infant was shot to death when a 17-year old boy fired at the car belonging to the Garcia-Lopez family. He had thought the parents were involved in beating him up on May 31.

They were not, and it was a case of mistaken identity.

The boy was attacked by the Sureño gang in Redwood City, according to San Francisco's news source.

He thought he recognized one of the gang members when he saw the Garcia-Lopez family leave a baby shower at 1am on Wisteria Drive in East Palo Alto, said acting police Capt. Jeff Liu.

The teenager with a friend then fired bullets onto the front and back seats of the car.

The mother, Ivonne Garcia-Lopez, in the back seat with her two children, ages 4 and 3 months, threw herself over her four year old to protect him, taking a bullet in the backside that was probably headed for her son Isaiah. Her 3-month old infant baby, however, was shot in the head. He was crying and blood was coming from his head. He died an hour later at hospital.

"I tried to protect them," Ivonne Garcia-Lopez said softly as she bit back tears. "I only saved one," reports the San Jose Mercury News.

Ivonne Garcia-Lopez's 22-year-old husband, Oscar Jimenez, was in the driver's seat and was shot in the shoulder. He is in hospital but will likely recover. The four-year old child, Isaiah, was unhurt.

In a television conference yesterday on KTVU Channel 2 News, Capt. Jeff Liu said the police received tips from the community and were able to arrest the juvenile (who cannot be identified because of his age). He was arrested in Larkspur Drive, East Palo Alto, a block from the shooting incident location.

Another boy, age 16 was booked on weapons' violations and 3 weapons were found in the house. One is believed to be the one that killed the 3-month old infant, according to Liu.

The 17-year-old was booked on suspicion of murder when he "provided statements implicating himself," Liu said. Although the 16-year-old has not been booked in relation to the shooting, "we feel he was involved in it," stated Liu.

"They should be in school learning," Garcia Lopez said of the boys who took her baby's life. "Getting themselves prepared to be somebody in life. Not killers," reports the San Jose Mercury News.

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See photos and video on the left hand side or click HERE. The picture of the infant comes from the Garcia-Lopez family.

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