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East meets east when dining in the east county of San Diego

Ain't nothing better than Thai food for me...
Ain't nothing better than Thai food for me...
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Yul Brynner was an actor famous for portraying King Mongkut of Siam in The King and I. Though Taiwanese folks didn’t care for Yul’s portrayal of their King, one must surely think of him when one thinks of Thailand.

I just discovered the joy of Thai food
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Thailand is smack in the middle of all things when looking for Asian food. Surrounded by China; Myanmar (formerly Burma); Laos; Cambodia; and Vietnam. A stones throw away you’ll find more Asian influence from the Philippines; Taiwan; Korea; and Japan so it’s no surprise that Thai food is just down right good to eat!

The other day while searching for new tires for my little neon green Accent go-kart, I found a good deal from Express Tire in Santee and there just beyond that tire store we found Sab-E-Lee awaiting to delight our taste buds. An unpretentious eatery in the middle of the nondescript strip mall located at 9159 Mission Gorge Rd. a delightful moment kicked us in the best sense of culinary joy.

This was our first exchange with Thai food but believe me it will not be our last. Nancy and I entered with no real preconception of eating anything in particular. The restaurant itself is an aging eatery just gracefully trying to make a living with wonderful servers who were more than willing to answer all of our questions regarding our ignorance on the Thai front.

Nancy ordered a Bag Of Gold (#4 on the Appetizers menu) for starters which was ample deep fried skin egg rolls wrapping shrimp, mushroom and water chestnut, served with homemade plum sauce and was delicate and tasted very good.

Her main dish was Rama Thai with Chicken. This was a marinated chicken breast grilled and tossed in peanut sauce served with steamed, mixed veggies.

As a means to judge, my standard for Asian food was the Orange Chicken just because if all else fails go for the Orange Chicken right?

I will say simply that I can’t wait to go back. We were nearly 100% satisfied. As we prepared to pay, we thought “Where’s the fortune? Where’s the cookie that the fortune arrives in?” I suppose we’d need to go a bit further north to receive the fortune cookies unless you know those to be an artificial invention of America not China. But all was saved if you like the Olive Garden because they dropped off a couple of mints with the bill. Nope. No mints here, they were maybe a ginger ball? I didn’t mind the taste but it came out of Nancy’s mouth about as fast as it had entered. It’s all a matter of personal taste I suppose.

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