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East Harlem building explosion: 16 injured, 2 dead after building collapses

An East Harlem building explosion has left 11 people injured on March 12. According to FOX News, a residential building near Park Avenue between 114th and 117th streets collapsed after a large explosion and subsequent fire. Residents in the area said that they heard a loud explosion around 9:00 a.m.

"The whole building shook. I think people must be injured. I see a lot of smoke," said a witness who worked nearby (via FOX News). Firefighters have been working nonstop to get the situation under control. There has not been any confirmation of people trapped in the rubble.

The East Harlem building explosion set off a 5-alarm fire. The billowing smoke could be seen for miles. At this point it is unclear what might have caused the explosion but it really could have been anything. It is unknown how many people lived in the building or how many were inside at the time of the blast.

Once the fire department gets the situation under control and everyone is safe, the police will be able to put the pieces together and hopefully find the cause. For the residents of the building, most lost everything. It is presumed that the American Red Cross will provide shelter for these people temporarily.

The East Harlem building explosion only affected one building. In the video above you can see some footage taken of the smoky scene.

Update: At least 16 people are injured and two are dead according to CNN. Two buildings have collapsed. Developing.

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