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East County patio dining the best at La Torta Cafe

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They say there is no place quainter than La Mesa Blvd. on a beautiful spring day and I agree. Yet as you coast to your destination from the east, you’ll find Allison Ave. at the top of the village and you should take it, heading west where at 8356 you’ll find a great spot for Mexican food and a good spot to watch the game.

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La Torta Cafe is what you’ll find at 8356 Allison Ave. Though it’s been in La Mesa for over a decade and I have driven past many times, I’ve only partaken of it’s enchantment on a most recent trip to my dentist who’s office is a stones throw away. Upon Brassington’s recommendation I did wander into the patio for a great treat of awesome German’s Camaron Tacos along with wonderful Mahi Mahi tacos

Though this day was actually a winter day and I speak of a spring day for the enchantment of their patio, during this year (2014) we’ve skipped winter and spring and dove straight away into summer and the patio on this day was at 80 and very enchanting indeed. Not quite Bizarre Del Mundo coloration, their patio is refreshing and the food on this day was most excellent!

Nancy ordered the Mahi Mahi fish taco and I ordered the spicy shrimp taco with two tacos on each order we split and had one each for unbelievably good flavors. The service was outstanding and pleasant all around. I enjoyed watching the servers parade dish after dish past us as I witnessed reason after reason to return to try yet another good looking dish. Their quesadillas all looked great and even the Tortas were inviting.

We had just enjoyed our SDSU league leading victory the night before and were geared up for great sports and after finishing the meal we wandered inside the restaurant to find Stony Brook vs. Albany (Championship Game) (America East Women's Championship) on my Ipad using their wifi and on their wall hung was NHL Kings vs. Oilers and at that point I asked if they would be tuning into March Madness, to which they replied, “Of coarse we’ll watch it... if you want it we’ll do it.” And that was the attitude of the staff at La Torta Cafe in La Mesa.