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East Camden mother Fatima Perez buried alive before buying car on Craigslist

Carlos Alicea-Antonetti and Ramon Ortiz appearing in court for the murder of Fatima Perez.
Carlos Alicea-Antonetti and Ramon Ortiz appearing in court for the murder of Fatima Perez.

The New York Daily News is reporting today that two Hispanic landscapers, who buried a mother alive, have been charged with her murder. Police say 36-year-old Carlos Alicea-Antonetti and 57-year-old Ramon Ortiz have been charged with first-degree-murder in the death of Fatima Perez, a wife and mother from East Camden, NJ.

The 41-year-old mother was abducted by her landscaper after leaving her home to buy a car on Cragislist. Authorities were contacted by members of Fatima Perez' family informing them of her disappearance. The woman was missing for two days before her body was found in a shallow grave in Monroe Township, according to CBS Philadelphia. Police have not revealed an exact motive in the case but say the men, who were well-known by the neighbors, stole $7000 from Fatima Perez.

Fatima Perez East Camden, NJ., murder timeline: On Monday, May 12, Fatima Perez leaves her home during the morning hours to buy a car that she found on Craigslist for $8000. Landscaper Carlos Alicea-Antonetti offers her a ride but later attacks the woman in the car, resulting in her falling from the vehicle. Police say a short time later, Fatima Perez is able to re-enter the vehicle but is murdered by the two men.

Ramon Ortiz, who was working a landscaping job, tells police that he assisted Carlos Alicea-Antonetti in the abduction and murder of Fatima Perez after noticing the injured woman begging for help in the back of the vehicle.

Next Carlos Alicea-Antonetti and Ramon Ortiz take Fatima Perez to a remote location in Monroe Township, where they bind her with duct tape, pour lime on her body and bury her alive. A missing person's report is filed when Fatima Perez does not return home.

On Wednesday, May 14, police discover the body of the missing woman buried in a shallow grave. Camden County Medical Examiners determine that the cause of death is "asphyxiation." Both Antonetti and Ortiz are being held on $5 million bail, jail records show.

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