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East Bay vs. West Bay: Time to take a closer look at crime statistics

What are the real statistics?
What are the real statistics?

Thanks to a reader of mine, Margaret Garza of Oakland, a real time crime mapping website has been brought to my attention.

According to the website San Francisco experienced 578 crimes in its downtown within a one mile radius of 900 Mission Street between 1-04-14 and 1-11-14, and Oakland experienced 110 crimes within a one mile radius of City Hall in the same time period.

Citywide crime statistics for the same time span are more telling: San Francisco 2337 crimes, Oakland 417.

It is time to end the false narrative, which is regularly propagated and perpetuated by the San Francisco based and centric media, that Oakland has more crime than San Francisco.

Looking at past year’s results and waiting for agencies like the FBI to release yearly crime statistics is not the correct way to measure crime and easily debunked by researching weekly crime figures from both cities.

In fact, total city crimes in SF per week average around 2500 compared to around 500 crimes per week for the entire city of Oakland.

The reality is San Francisco has roughly 5 times the number of crimes of Oakland while having only 2 times the total population.

It is time to take a closer look at both city’s reported year end crime figures and ask yourself how do they measure up to the media’s portrayal of the crime in both cities.

The fact is Oakland, mostly due to the hard work and policies of incumbent Mayor Jean Quan, is making huge strides to improve safety and it is working.

More importantly, how safe do you feel in Oakland? I would love to know. Feel free to contact me at

If you have any other questions, or want to share your story, please reply to this post, contact me via my website, my facebook page, or on Twitter @AmericaFoy.

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