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East Bangor Dam in Northampton County

Looking down the narrow and long East Bangor Dam.
Looking down the narrow and long East Bangor Dam.
Duane Sedlock

Looking for a quiet place to paddle in northern Northampton County? Have you ever tried the East Bangor Dam?

The East Bangor Dam in Northampton County can provide an interesting paddle.
Duane Sedlock

Many people know about nearby Lake Minsi for fishing and paddling which is located a few miles north of Bangor off of Route 191. But less know about the East Bangor Dam, so give it a try. The dam which is teemed with plenty of plant (especially lily pads) and wildlife can provide a good hour or more of paddling.

The East Bangor Dam is a 78-acre shallow and weedy waterway located off of Route 512. Reached from Bangor by going north on Route 512, turn left onto N. Broad Street (shortly after the East Bangor United Methodist Church) and then turn right onto Lakewood Drive.

There is a PFBC boat launch (gravel) and a gravel parking area for about 25 vehicles. No gas powered motors are allowed, only unpowered or electric motors. The electric motor is not a good deal though due to the shallow and weedy water.

Most of the dam is about 4 to 5 feet deep with a maximum depth of around 8 feet. The dam contains chain pickerel, largemouth bass and a huge population of sunfish.

There are several spots for shore fishing on both the northern and southern sides but most people fish along the area inside the guardrail on N. Broad Street.

Brushy Meadow Creek, a tributary to Martins Creek and a few unnamed tributaries create the East Bangor Dam. It was said to be created many years ago when a farmer flooded a cow pasture.

This impoundment is considered a "highly eutrophic warm water fishery with a history of temperature/dissolved oxygen related fish kills" Sun penetrating the shallow water causes oxygen levels to decrease while excessive aquatic weed growth increases.

It is located next to seldom used railroad tracks which can be used for wildlife spotting if you don’t possess a kayak, canoe or small boat. Expect to see red-winged blackbirds, tree swallows, flycatchers, ducks, geese; including hawks and vultures flying overhead and even an occasional bald eagle or heron. There are numerous dragonflies and butterflies and you can hear the calls of bullfrogs.

Note: Duck and goose hunting also take place at the dam.

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