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East 91st Street marine transfer station: Update

For quite some time the East 91st Street Marine Transfer Station has been a major concern in the neighborhood.

Pledge 2 Protect and NYCHA have issues with the city not addressing community concerns of safety, air quality and the increased traffic of garbage trucks on York Avenue.

Asphalt Green released its vision study in response to the city’s failure to offer real and serious alternatives. The Study includes proposals to relocate the ramp elsewhere than the East 91st Street entrance to Asphalt Green, as well as concepts to add green park attributes and to improve emissions control.

Pledge 2 Protect and its Coalition Partners, including Asphalt Green stand together and in unison that garbage stations do not belong next to parks, playgrounds or public housing. They continue to oppose the East 91st Street Marine Transfer Station. Asphalt Green's Vision Study offers a range of options that merits serious consideration by the City, which has presented no viable alternatives to address the community's health, safety and traffic concerns‎. The Vision Study proposals would, of course, need further discussion, refinement and broader community buy-in; but ‎they are a last resort: Ultimately they call for the marine transfer station not to be built.

It is important for the City to have a solid waste management plan, which protects all people. A much better place for this type of plan would be where there are factories – not near parks, playgrounds or public housing.

Pledge 2 Protect asks the de Blasio administration: “How much is ‘too much’ to protect the over 34,000 children who use the Asphalt Green facility and the hundreds of thousands of children who will be playing chicken with the massive numbers of garbage trucks rumbling towards and exiting from the East 91st Street garbage station?”

The group has escalated its efforts on all fronts: grassroots activities, political advocacy and public relations. For more information you can visit Pledge 2 Protect.

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