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Easily removed ink might broaden the spectrum of tattoo enthusiasts, but at what cost?


There's a new ink in town and if it catches on, a whole new crop of people are going to wind up under the needle.

This magical new stuff, InfinitInk, is designed with bad decisions and flaky people in mind. It comes out a lot easier under lasers than regular ink. There are a few catches though:

  1. It's expensive for the shops to buy so it costs twice as much as a regular tattoo would.
  2. You have to wait at least two years before the removal will be as quick and amazing as the company claims.
  3. InfinitInk is only available in black.

Currently, InfinitInk is only available in 18 shops across the country. One of those shops is in your backyard, Boston. Stingray Bodyart is the first shop in Boston to offer this ink and they were recently featured in the Boston Herald to promote the new ink.

Stingray owner Scott Matalan gets tattooed with InfinitInk at his shop. (Photo by Patrick Whittemore, Boston Herald)
Scott Matalan the owner of Stingray Body Art, gets tattooed with InfinitInk by Nate Stevens.

Photo Courtesy of Boston Herald.

If InfinitInk catches on, be prepared to see a lot more bad tattoos. If people think that their tattoo will come off really easily if/when they decide they're sick of it for whatever reason, chances are less consideration will go into individual tattoos. More people will pick crappy flash off the walls and take less time to consider all the factors of getting a tattoo.

A tattoo is a commimtment and shouldn't be turned into a decorative semi-permanent fashion statement. Then again, if you're really that into Ricky, your hot new boyfriend, go ahead and get his name tattooed right where the whole world can see it. Even if it's only there for two years, that's still two years of warning to all your potential mates after Ricky is gone. This ink is not a miracle product, either. Removal still leaves scars and traces of the tattoo, same as regular tattoo removal. It just takes less time to remove the tattoo. Everything else is the same. Either way, laser removal is insanely expensive. One visit alone can cost $200 and that doesn't include the cost of the process. InfinitInk isn't wiped away in just one session as the Boston Herald claimed; it can still take multiple sessions but still less than a regular tattoo. So this "miracle ink" really only benefits those who have the money to spend on the removal and in this economy, how many can really afford it?


EDIT: While tattoo removal can result in a complete restoration of one's skin, there are places out there that will leave you less than perfect. If you are considering tattoo removal you should take the same precautions as when you pick your tattoo artist in the first place. Do your research and make sure you're going to a reputable clinic.


  • Laser tattoo removal expert 5 years ago


    I don't understand why you so cavalierly describes laser tattoo removal as leaving a scar and evidence of the former tattoo. This is a common misconception and really applies only to places that use old lasers or aren't competent with their equipment. Using a q-switched, Nd:YAG laser with current protocols won't scar the skin, and we've done thousands and thousands of procedures.

    This ink used to be called "Freedom 2" and has never really caught on with tattoo artists. The protein micro-encapsulation is supposed to be shattered in 1-2 treatments, but we've never seen a patient that has a tattoo using this ink....


    Ryan Lambert
    Owner, New Look Laser Tattoo Removal and

  • Nick 5 years ago

    I totally agree Samantha. Instead of paying extra for 'magic' ink, people should just put some thought into what they put into and on their bodies. I'm looking forward to reading more of your thoughts!