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Easily Create Android Apps and Publish on Google Play with AppsGeyser

Developing an application for a smartphone or tablet can be time consuming and expensive. One way to create a basic app for Android smartphones and tablets is to use the app designing site AppsGeyser It's free and doesn't require any programming skills. The site can be used to create eBooks and simple apps.

Create the App on AppsGeyser

To create the application file, sign up for a free account at AppsGeyser. This site will create an app from a website link, html code, web widget, or youtube video. Simply copy and paste the link, html code, or text into the editor. Web widgets can be used to create apps that list news stories such as the Latest Oddly Enough News App or apps that play a list of songs such as the Top MP3 Songs on app. Text for books or shorter pieces can be pasted into the editor, and the site will code it. This is a convenient way to publish eBooks on Android devices.

After building the app, describe what the app is about and complete the form. Submit the app, and download the file to your computer. It should be in the .apk format. You can preview the app on the screen. Use the screenshot key on the keyboard (PRTSC) to take at least two screenshots of the app.

Sign Up for a Google Play Developer Account

Start by signing up for a developer account with Google. It costs $25. Go to and click on the sign up button. You will need to sign in to your Google account first before accessing the developer account. Fill out the form and click the create my account button. The developer console is where you will upload the application file, describe it with screenshots, add a description, and set the pricing.

Publish on Google Play

Next, upload the application file created on AppsGeyser into the developer console for Google Play. After uploading, click the Activate link next to the file. Upload the screenshots for the app. They should be edited to fit the required dimensions. Resize the images to one of the recommended sizes with Microsoft Paint or a similar image editor. You will need an image for the application icon as well. Fill out the rest of the form and describe the app. Set the price to either free or paid and fill out the corresponding fields. Click the Publish button when the app is finished. It will appear in Google Play in about a day.

Once the app is available, you can link to it from your website and promote it on social media sites.

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