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Easiest way to try new tea?

If you have been enjoying tea for a long time and are looking to add a bit of spice, or herbal mix , to your current brewing collection then I will let you in on the easiest way to do so. The easiest way to do this is to join a tea of the month club, as this will deliver brand new and unknown teas to you every month. It is like playing the lottery for however long you decide to stay with the club. Many of the larger sites offer this service and in my experience it never gets old. Sure, there will be some that aren't your cup of tea. However, more times than not you will get a tea you would've never tried before and in turn add a new favorite to your collection. If you are in Canada you can try out this tea of the month club in Canada and if you are in the United States you can try out many of the offers from Teavana or other retailers.