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Easier than you would think


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The past months have been hard on everyone in America.  Belts needed tightening, vacations changed or cancelled altogether, sleepless nights spent wondering how bills are going to get paid.  As a consequence area food pantries, soup kitchens and homeless shelters are being stressed to their limits.  Michael Stoops acting executive director for the National Coalition for the Homeless says about this time of year, " It's a good time of year to raise awareness, when it's real cold out.  More Americans are thinking about poverty this time of year." 
The issue of homelessness and poverty in Connecticut is large, encompassing our city neighborhoods and schools.  At times, the issue seems to huge to grasp, but using a simple guideline offered by the National Coalition for the Homeless you can help people in your community according to your means. 
During the cold months of this winter you can help homelessness by CAREing:
C-Contribute (food drives, money, etc...)
A- Advocate
R- Reach Out (Volunteering)
E- Educate
Below is a link to the National Coalition for the Homeless' website where the oppurtunities above are explained in greater detail.
For more info: