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Earwax-eating Democrat: 'We don’t have a border security problem'

Rep. Joe Garcia, D-Fla., (center) claims southern border is secure.
Rep. Joe Garcia, D-Fla., (center) claims southern border is secure.
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Rep. Joe Garcia, the Florida Democrat captured on video consuming his own ear wax during a House Judiciary Committee hearing, recently told liberal talk show Bill Press America doesn't have a border security problem despite the more than 57,000 unaccompanied children that have illegally crossed the border, Red Alert Politics reported Monday.

"We don’t have a border security problem," he said. “We’ve tightened the border so much that putting 250-pound Joe Garcia in northern Texas from Mexico is hard work.”

According to Garcia, the children who came across the border have simply found “a loophole in the immigration system." Adults crossing the border, however, have been stopped, he claimed, adding that there are "so many places" where a person can be tripped up.

He cited the example of Jose Vargas, a journalist who also happens to be in the country illegally. Last Tuesday, Vargas was detained by Border Security and later released.

The National Republican Congressional Committee responded Monday with a statement calling Garcia "tone deaf." The NRCC also said Garcia's "constant flubs make you wonder if he is dense or just unable to manage being a Member of Congress."

“Congressman Joe Garcia has officially joined the tone deaf politicians club in Washington," spokeswoman Katie Prill said. "His statement that we don’t have a border security problem is not only incorrect but dangerous seeing he serves on the subcommittee handling immigration and border security. The crisis at our border will never be solved if we have politicians like Garcia making ridiculous political statements instead of working to fix the problems facing our nation.”

Despite Garcia's declaration, USA Today said Tuesday that "thousands" of illegal immigrants continue to cross the border, prompting Texas Gov. Rick Perry to deploy some 1,000 National Guard troops. The soldiers are set to back up officers with the Texas Department of Public Safety in searching for drug cartels, smuggling rings and other criminal elements, USA Today said.

Red Alert Politics noted that this is not the first questionable comment Garcia has made about the border. While participating in a Google Hangout, Garcia used the border security issue to tout communism.

“The safest city in America is El Paso, Texas. It happens to be across the border from the most dangerous city in the America’s, which is Juarez. Right?” he asked. “Two of the safest cities in America are on the border with Mexico. Of course, the reason is we’ve proved that communism works."

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