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Earthquakes! An opportunity for learning

Earthquake Fault Line
Earthquake Fault Line

Oklahoma experienced an earthquake today. Thankfully it was not very serious and the damage was minimal. Not only is this newsworthy but it supplies an opportuniy for learning. Here are some ways you can use today's even as a stepping stone for learning.

  • Take time to go ov er natural disaster planning and how to be prepared.
  • Mark the places on a world map where earhtquakes have happened within the last 6 months or year.
  • Mark on a map of Oklahoma and one of the US where the major earthquake faults.
  • Make a lapbook on earthquakes or natural happenings such as tornados and hurricanes.
  • Study earth science and what cause them.
  • Research what the Oklahoma Geological Services do.
  • Read a book on earthquakes.

Using everyday events for learning opportunities is what makes homeschooling so much fun! Current events are a great springboard for history, science, the arts and lots of other topics.


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