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Earthquake strikes Chile, Tsunami warnings for all Pacific Basin

A glimpse of the earthquake's damage in Chile
A glimpse of the earthquake's damage in Chile

At 3:34 AM this morning an 8.8 scale earthquake hit the nation of Chile about 200 miles from the nation's capitol and triggered tsunami warning for the entirety of the Pacific Basin.  The devastation of the 7.3 earthquake in Haiti and its subsequent aftershocks are still fresh on the world's mind, and now news of an earthquake that is believed to emit more than 500 times more energy than Haiti has struck another nation.

There have been at least 33 aftershocks so far in Chile, with Richter Scale ratings upwards of 6.3 as far as Argentina.  Relief efforts are already underway to help find survivors of the quake. The Dallas Christian Living Examiner will continue to report on this story and its implications to the current state of the world and the imminent coming of Christ.  I'll also let you know how residents of the Dallas/Ft. Worth area will be able to assist with the relief.

As you watch the news or read stories online about the disastrous events in Chile, turn your thoughts towards Matthew 24:7-8.  We're living in the end times and the earth is beginning to cry out in anxiety for the return of Christ. 

Revelation / CNN