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Earthquake rated 6.0 hits SF area near Napa today, August 24, 2014

SF Quake epicenter
USGS Website

A 6.0 earthquake hit 25 miles north of San Francisco at 3:20 a.m. today, August 24, 2014. Residents were shaken awake as far away as Daly City, with the most reports of shaking coming from San Francisco and El Cerrito. The epicenter was 6 miles northwest of American Canyon, close to the city of Napa.

The CHP is reporting on Twitter, that power outages have resulted from the quake. Thus, stoplights may not be working in your area. They ask that you be sure to stop at those intersections. Solano, Napa, and Sonoma County are all affected, with over 30 thousand residents without power.

Update: The GoPro race at nearby Sears Point Raceway will be held today, although the main highway 37 has been checked by the CHP and some buckling of the roadway was noted. Over 50 gas mains have broken and over 80 people have sought treatmenta at Emergency Departments. A child was injured critically.

Along with the waves of shaking emanating from the quake, a huge fireball was seen in the air, which lit up the sky near Novato, CA. The quake lasted over 45 seconds, and featured repeated strong impacts that were measured a 9 in intensity. Fire and police alarms were heard in the hour following the quake.

Residents in the area are reporting that everything has been shaken from shelves and countertops, creating a massive mess in kitchens and bathrooms. Although visible water movement was seen on the bay, there was no tsunami warning issued.

The last large earthquake in the area was on October 17, 1989, when a quake destroyed the Oakland Bay Bridge. That quake also destroyed portions of the Oakland freeway system and crippled area traffic for months.

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