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Earthquake predictions for Tennessee Valley

Fox 17 news in Nashville broke the story today about the study released Thursday about the New Madrid fault in the middle of the nation. Scientists now say it is active and could produce future earthquakes and they could even be large in scale.
In the early 1800’s the area was hit with a trio of quakes measuring in the magnitude range of about 7.5 where is rattled the Mississippi River Valley. This fault runs 150 miles through Tennessee, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Missouri.
Scientists have debated about how hazardous the New Madrid fault is because of how different it is from the usual active faults we hear about. For example, the faults we constantly hear about in say California are faults that are along different shifting tectonic plates. These usually are found on boundaries at the ends of continents. The New Madrid fault is less understood since it is practically in the middle of the nation and continent. Previously scientists were convinced the fault was shut down or dead.
New studies suggest that they were wrong. Several scientists of the USGS geophysicist group in Pasadena, California have analyzed data from the region, and with use of computer modeling, have decided the fault could easily have another large tremor like back in the early 1800’s. This news can be startling to people who live along the fault and were told for most of their lives that the fault was probably shut down, possibly for good.
The scientists, of course, have a calculated outlook for people living in the area and the numbers are good. The likelihood of this happening in the next 50 years is only a 7 to 10 percent chance. This means there is most likely nothing for people along the New Madrid faults to worry about, of course it is possible it could happen tomorrow, but according the this study, it is not very likely.

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