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Earthquake in Oklahoma doesn't 'rattle' this on-air meteorologist (video)

An earthquake that rumbled under Oklahoma this morning make have done some ground shaking, but it certainly didn’t get this meteorologist too rattled.

The 4.2 quake’s epicenter was near Oklahoma City, and a local meteorologist from ABC affiliate KOCO-TV Channel 5, Danielle Dozier, was in the middle of explaining her extended forecast when the ground under her feet started to a tremble.

Dozier was a pro however, quickly concluding her mini freak-out and getting right back into the 10-day forecast. Her station applauded her efforts, and her calm, cool response earned her some Internet fame, after KOCO went ahead and posted her video to YouTibe, as seen above.

Whoa! Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry. This is live on air. That was way bigger than what we just felt earlier. That was well over 4.0 magnitude, I can tell you that much right now. Let me finish this forecast and then … forgive me. It actually scared me. That’s how powerful that one was. – KOCO-TV meteorologist Danielle Dozier

NewsOK reports a total of three earthquakes hit the Oklahoma City area Monday, but all were fairly minor, ranging from 3.0 in magnitude to the 4.2 quake felt by the KOCO newsroom. No significant damage was done by any of the trio of quakes.

Dozier’s response was imminently better than these news anchors, who dove for cover under their desks back in March. We give them a pass however, since they were from Los Angeles, where quakes are more common, and can be much, much larger.

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