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Earthquake Ohio: Mild strength earthquake shakes Athens, 3.5 level magnitude

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An earthquake Ohio scare is shaking past headlines this week, though the 3.5 magnitude earthquake said to be of mild strength that hit Athens this Wednesday didn’t leave any major damage or injuries in its wake. The natural force was centered roughly 2 miles southeast of Nelsonville, and nonetheless rumbled quite a few Ohio citizens out of their comfort zones, shares this Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2013.

The earthquake Ohio search first started trending atop U.S. searches this Wednesday evening after word of the 3.5 magnitude quake began to spread on Twitter and Facebook. It is believed that the earthquake was of too little strength to pose a serious threat, though several reports of noticeable tremors were heard in Athens, a popular college town in the area, say police.

“It was a little freaky,” one Ohio resident told the Athens Messenger. “Nobody else felt it except for one other person, but my stuff was shaking. It shook the whole building."

"At first, I thought a car hit the house. I thought the thing was going to come down. It was one big jolt," 71-year-old Jackson resident added in a statement to the Columbus Dispatch.

While the mild strength earthquake may not seem like much, this 3.5 level magnitude earthquake Ohio shocker is the most potent tremor recorded since back in 2011, where the level hit 4.0 on the scale near Youngstown.

Athens college residents in particular seemed to make light of the situation, even taking to Twitter to post funny photos and captions regarding the earthquake.

“We are a strong people,” one Twitter user wrote, showing the above photo and clever caption. “#Earthquake #Unite”

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