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Earthquake, near Chicago, Illinois, felt by Indiana residents: No injuries reported

Today's earthquake measured at 3.8 and had very little damage compared to Haiti in January.
Today's earthquake measured at 3.8 and had very little damage compared to Haiti in January.
United Nations Development Programme

According to news reports this morning, a 3.8 magnitude earthquake hit between the towns of Virgil and Sycamore, IL. Although the quake was 50 miles northwest of Chicago, it could be felt as far as Northwest Indiana.

The Northwest Indiana Times reported Hobart resident Benjamin Olson as saying, “"I was awake watching TV and felt something move and a picture fell off by the TV.”

Although no serious damage or injuries have been reported, preliminary reports are still being determined.

On January 12, 2010, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake shook Haiti, causing serious damage and numerous deaths. According to CNN, the earthquake in Haiti was about 33,000 times more powerful than today’s earthquake in Illinois.

In April of 2008, Indiana residents felt the effects of a 5.2 magnitude earthquake that was centered in Evansville, IN. That earthquake caused minimal damage and was felt across three states, including Indiana and Illinois.

Although the Midwest sits atop numerous fault lines, the West is most often connected with the image of earthquakes, especially along the San Andreas fault which runs along California’s west coast. In April of 1906, San Francisco was part of devastating collective damage including at least 700 recorded related deaths.

With the recent developing trends, many wonder if Northern California’s numerous fault lines will soon see another rupture. “There have been some strange things lately: numerous earthquakes around the world, and the sea lions have recently migrated to Oregon,” said Northern California resident Ann Armstrong. “I believe the animals know things before we do.”


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