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Earthquake happens on live TV: Oklahoma quake scares news meteorologist video

An earthquake in Oklahoma that happened on live TV certainly scared one meteorologist this week. Danielle Dozier of KOCO News was in the middle of her usual morning forecast report when a considerable earthquake tremor suddenly shook through the building. Mashable shares this Monday, June 16, 2014, that the video has already gone viral online, and Dozier even took to Twitter after the incident to share her understandably shaken reaction with the rest of the world.

Oklahoma earthquake happens on live TV
Wikimedia Commons

For anyone who has ever gone through an earthquake, the experience is never a calming one. So KOCO News meteorologist Danielle Dozier was visibly rattled after a sudden quake interrupted her 10-day forecast announcement. The Oklahoma earthquake struck in Oklahoma City and the surrounding area this Monday morning. Fortunately, there was no major damage reported from the sudden shake, though dozens of callers phoned local authorities to alert them to the sudden phenomenon.

The professional meteorologist didn’t let the tremor disrupt her for too long. United Press International News says that when the earthquake happened on live TV, Danielle Dozier took a moment to gather herself, then finished up the weather segment capably. Two earthquakes actually hit Oklahoma this Monday, but the second was noticeably more powerful.

The hit video of Dozier’s reaction and the quake itself being caught on television prompted her to take to Twitter to comment on the shaken weather report. She posted earlier today:

“VIDEO: My reaction to the #earthquake while doing weather. You can actually hear rattling in background.”

For those who have seen the video, Dozier said immediately what came to mind when the earthquake struck during her live TV commentary. Yet who can blame her? Many others would have likely been (or for those who felt it today, simply were) scared, too.

"Whoa, oh my gosh! I'm so sorry. This is live on air," Dozier said when the quake first shook the studio. "That was way bigger than what we felt earlier."

It has been confirmed that the first quake only measured a relatively modest 3.5 magnitude, but the second quake was a bit more potent. Whatever Ms. Dozier was preparing to tell the Oklahoma City community this morning in terms of weather phenomena on TV, this second earthquake definitely wasn’t it.

"That one was well over 4.0 magnitude, I can tell you that much right now," Dozier can be seen saying during the video. "Forgive me. That one actually scared me. That's how big it was.”

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