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Earth, Wind, & Fire. A Brief Fact Share

According to Wikipedia, "Pop Music" can be defined as a song that is short in length, appeals to the masses, and has no artistic depth. The term "Popular Music" (later called pop music) was coined in the American 1950's, an era divided by musical genres as well as ethnicity. The distinctions between Jazz and European influenced Rock n' Roll were as obvious as black and white. But as pop reached the age of college exploration it did what most people coming of age do, redefine. The 1970's was a decade minted in experimentation and broken boundaries, and in the heart of this experiment was Earth, Wind, & Fire.

Earth, Wind, & Fire was the musical brain child of Maurice White. Born in Memphis, Tennessee, White eventually found his way to the Windy City, picking up drumming gigs while studying at the Chicago Music Conservatory. His beginning years were formidable, often in the company of esteemed recording artists, like Ramsey Lewis, whom Earth, Wind, & Fire would eventually cut an album with. White's experience and artistic thirst led him to merge several contrasting halls of music into one glorious cathedral of sound and spectacle. Along for the ride was his team of song writers, who eventually became the show stopping jazz act: Earth, Wind, & Fire. The name was a nod to White's constellation chart that omitted the element of water. The group churned out hit after hit in the 70's.

Earth, Wind, & Fire was an explosion and a source of tranquility occupying the same space. Jazz, Rock n' Roll, and Gospel weaved into one band, creating a sound undenied by anyone. True Pop Music. Earth, Wind, & Fire has sold around 23.5 million records to date, and though the members change frequently, the band still tours. According to Earth, Wind & Fire will be in Highland Park on July, 3rd at the Ravena Pavillion. They will also be at the Peoria Civic Center in Peoria, Illinois on July 12th.

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