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Earth, Wind and Fire at the Pavilion

Earth, Wind and Fire (Photo: Karin Dailey /
Earth, Wind and Fire (Photo: Karin Dailey /

Earth, Wind and Fire brought their 12 member stage show to the Pavilion last week. Insane instrumentals and incredible solos were the theme of the night. The original members of the group haven’t lost an ounce of charisma during their ~40 years of making music. Each musician had their moment in the spotlight and blew the crowd away with their playing ability. There were 2 sets of classics, including a few songs for “baby making.” The guys joked around that half the crowd was probably conceived, while their songs were playing. Eww.

Earth, Wind and Fire
Karin Dailey

Although the band sounded a little loud under the Bank of America Pavilion, the energy level was high and the well-rehearsed show was performed with precision. Master of the bass, Verdine White, kept the crowd entertained with his over the top wardrobe and permanent smile.

Bob from New Haven CT spoke about his experience seeing the band live, “I first saw Earth, Wind and Fire in 1978 at the New Haven Coliseum. They came down from the ceiling to the stage on wires, with all kinds of smoke in the background. It was an awesome show. I’ve seen them a number of times, including a few years ago at the Palace Theatre in Waterbury and they’re still great. I can’t wait to see the show.”

There were a group of ladies by the merchandise stand. Helen from Quincy and her friends shared a few words, “I grew up in the 70’s and I’ve danced and have loved Earth, Wind and Fire forever.” Lisa, also from Quincy, added, “They always put on a great show. This is a great opportunity to be out with my friends and dance - every song you want to dance to.” Their amiga, Angela, shared, “I came all the way from Liverpool to be there. I’m here to see them and be with my friends.”

You can’t help but dance at an Earth, Wind and Fire show. Even if the wonderful people at LiveNation hooked you up with a reviewer ticket and you were there by yourself. Yes, this Examiner danced alone. And a side note, their greatest hits CD is a great way to make it through rush hour traffic. Be sure to put “Fantasy” on repeat and sing to people stuck in gridlock alongside you.

Current Earth, Wind and Fire members:
• Maurice White - Vocals, Kalimba, Drums, Percussion
• Verdine White - Bass
• Philip Bailey - Vocals, Conga, Percussion, Kalimba
• Ralph Johnson - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
• B. David Whitworth -Percussion, Vocals
• Greg "G-Mo" Moore - Rhythm guitar, Vocals
• Myron McKinley - Keyboards
• Morris O'Connor - Lead guitar
• Kim Johnson -Vocals
• Philip Bailey Jr.-Vocals
• John Paris - drums

Check out photographs from the show below! KMD


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