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Earth upheaval predictions and how to cope

Contrast and ominous clouds reflect the times
Contrast and ominous clouds reflect the times
carol gibson

Angels speak to us and so do spirit guides. They are usually from an unseen dimension, but also have the capabilities of making themselves visible. Sources that have had other worldly contacts with such entities don't differentiate between the two.

A phenomena known as “walk ins” allows for benevolent spirits to come to the aid of earth inhabitants. Angels and “walk in” entities come to help folks who are in need of spiritual support. They are in a different dimension, but not far away or off in the clouds. They are right next to those of us who inhabit the three dimensional plane.

Earlier, in articles mentioning Ruth Montgomery and Madeline Teagle referred to messages from the unseen dimension in regard to 2012.

Madeline spoke of the polar shift back in the seventies. Ruth wrote a book, The World to Come, published in 1999. Both women described the upcoming scenario of a tumultuous world in change. We now know this to be true for the year of 2012 and is ongoing.

NASA describes the shift in the polarity of the earth, but makes no conjecture. There are no historical references from that far off, primitive time of the occurrence of an earlier such event. Anyone who watches the world news is an observer to the tremendous earth events that have taken away massive numbers of human beings.

Astrology has brought attention to the cross formation in angles between four powerful planets. Cardinal, meaning 'boss.' has intense meaning. One entity wants power to exert over others. Often, the misuse of power goes as far as warranting a criminal status because of lack of conscience concerning use of power.

The ideas about 2012 became exaggerated beyond what we can expect, however -

Preparedness and sensitivity to the unseen presence of friendly spirits is advised. Be wary of those that are malevolent and desire to harm others. Madeline Teagle recommended an invisible shield. Visualize an area around the physical body concentrating a white light with a yellow spiral surrounding.

Some of the entities who contact the earth plane are actually deceased loved ones, and yes, perhaps they have joined the angels. They do have choices about the roles they assume.

Some of the roles are angelic, and holy. Then there are the malevolent spirits that would like to do harm. These are the same group of evil doers who brought down the continent of Atlantus, and possibly Lemuria, as well.

They are dis-incarnate spirits who have gained a foothold in the contemporary world, and are wreaking obvious havoc at this very time. Madeline, who was often referred to as Mother Madeline, told of how these malevolent entities would be displaced. Her softly presented stories were often reminiscent of nice fairy tales.

Yet, other totally unrelated people are relaying similar predictions. Though times will be harsh, and focused on bare bones survival, the doom and gloom of total annihilation isn't the true picture of what to expect. Though 2012 has come and gone, 2014 continues fulfilling many predictions for upcoming future times.

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