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Earth-Sun-You Connection

We're all connected!
We're all connected!
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The Global Coherence Initiative is an organization that is dedicated to gathering solid scientific evidence that there is indeed a base universal energy field, and that every object in the universe is connected in some way. Recently, they have been studying the relationship between the human creative potential and Earth's geophysical activity to solar activity. The Sun has become very active again over the last few months, and here is the conclusion drawn by the GCI:

"We can change the course of planetary events. While this solar cycle is becoming more active, affecting all beings on Earth, we can decide on how to react to these changes. It is important to remember that the increasing solar activity has a positive affect – it’s a time when opportunity and creativity can flourish along with increased individual and collective enlightenment. It’s an auspicious opportunity for advancing our intelligence on how to cooperate more harmoniously with each other and with Mother Earth. This can eventually lead to a global consciousness transformation and increasing peace. A few effective co-creative actions we can take through these opportune times would include committing to reducing fear, becoming more responsible for our own energy, and increasing love, care and respect for others and for ourselves. This can do much to restore balance and energetic alignment between Earth and the global community. "

This is a great time to make important personal and global changes!