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Earth One - DC tries to recreate its stars

Its no real secret that the DC Universe has been little more than a cluttered mess recently. Despite their 'infinite' number of crises (pun intended) the DCU has been overrun with multiple characters (there are 2 Flashes right now) and a wide range of continuity errors. In an attempt to repair some of that damage, and perhaps taking a cue from Marvel's Ultimate line (which was ironically destroyed recently) Batman and Superman are receiving makeovers in new Earth One books, which will begin a new, totally seperate continuity.

These big changes are being helmed by the incredibly capable and skilled hands of John Michael Straczynski and Geoff Johns. JMS just finished his run on Marvel's resident hammer wielding god, Thor, which sparked a remarkable surge in the characters popularity. Johns has been busy himself, scribing the ongoing and intriguing Blackest Night story for DC.

Both Bats and Supes tales will be told in a book format as opposed to single monthly issues. The revised origins and early stories should prove of particular interest as other than the current retconning of Superman's origin in the mainstream DCU, both characters' widely known histories have remained untouched.

This should be a welcome and major change for DC as a whole, though it remains to see if other characters will recieve the same treatment should the idea prove succesful.


  • kguillou 4 years ago

    Eh. Dc's gona have to try harder than that. And screw Black Vulcan

  • NBlake 4 years ago

    nice but dc is messing up a lot so lets see what they can do, don't think they can touch marvel

  • mysterion 4 years ago

    an intriguing concept indeed . . . i wonder if they'll do the same with their other worthless characters