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Earth Mama Angel Baby product review : A Little Something for Baby

I recently had the opportunity to check out a great product made by the organic company Earth Mama Angel Baby. I have loved their products for years but never tried any of the baby products. I was excited to receive the A Little Something for Baby product in the mail to try out.

One thing I like the most about these products is they are all natural. They are not made with any type of chemical I cannot pronounce, or would not care to put onto my child's skin, since so many of the products are directly absorbed into your child's skin, and blood stream.

The products are made by ingredients, including organic aloe, Organic Vanilla extract, and Organic Sweet Orange.  Making the product not only good for your baby, but great smelling!

I think my little one smells like orange cream-cicle after I get him out of the bath, and lotion him up for the day.

As a mom of two, I highly suggest giving the package a try. You won't be disappointed!