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Earth is a forest full of radiation

After only two weeks of the new CW hit The 100, viewers are already overwhelmed with information about this futuristic society. The surviving humans from earth live on an arc built by remaining space station pieces. Humans were forced to leave earth to escape radiation. The remaining humans work together and even formed a government on the arc to survive.
The series premier began as they suddenly send 100 juvenile prisoners to earth. None of them knew where they were going or why. As they rocket off to earth their leader plays a video he recorded to tell them that they are going to earth and their crimes will be forgiven if they help prepare earth for more humans in the near future.
Humans believe earth will not be safe yet. Scientists think it will be many more years before the radiation is really gone. The 100 juveniles are not expected to survive the first few days simply because they believe the radiation will kill them, but the human race doesn’t have a choice. The arc is dying and will only last a few more months. They need to find a place where they can survive and they are running out of time.
The problem with sending criminals alone without supervision is that they are rebellious and do not follow rules. They also do not think logically, especially juveniles. These 100 kids do not care about the people on the arc and their rules. Most of them don’t care if the people back on the arc live or die. Most don’t care if their families think they died. It is apparently when they slowly start taking off their wrist bands.
Whatever the future has in store for The 100 humans returned to earth, it cannot be good. It reminds some viewers of Lost. Maybe it isn’t an island, it’s much larger. It is the entire earth, but it is full of mystery just like the island was in Lost. Will The 100 survive? Will the humans on the arc realize earth is safe and join The 100 before the arc runs out of air forever? If the 100 are not alone, who are these surviving beings on earth? Are they even human? What did the radiation do to the ground walkers? Watch Wednesday nights on the CW to decide for yourself.

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