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Earth Hour 2011 - Dallas Hotels Go Green

Tomorrow evening, your hotel may go dark for 60 minutes. Not to worry, it's all part of the World Wildlife Fund's attempt to start a global movement surrounding environmental awareness. According to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, those who participate in Earth Hour will "use 60 minutes of darkness to help the world see the light.”

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So what does this mean for you?

Well, if you're traveling, you may experience a temporary black out at your hotel. For example, Hilton properties will lower their outside lights, as well as dim the lights inside the property. In fact, even if you aren't staying in a Hilton for the night, you and your love could use Earth Hour as an opportunity for a romantic date, as the many Hilton properties will offer candlelit dinners. Imagine a memorable evening with your partner while reducing your carbon footprint. I'd say your killing two birds with one stone, but that wouldn't be very eco-friendly.

Starwood Hotels will celebrate Earth Hour 2011 in a similar way, and there may be something in it for you too. If you agree to participate in Earth Hour in your own hotel room or from home if your aren't traveling, Starwood will reward you with an additional 100 Starwood Preferred Guest Points in addition to the points you receive for your stay. The hotel will raise awareness with lowered lighting and a temporary shut-down of laundry facilities and ice machines. For information on getting your free 100 Starwood Preferred Guest Points, visit

All Dallas Starwood properties will participate in Earth Hour between 8:30 - 9 :30 p.m. Dallas time. According to Le Meridien Dallas sales manager, Jack Hauke, the hotel's lobby lights will dim and the exterior lights will shut off for the entire hour. The hotel will even make an announcement to guests offering complimentary candles for those who wish to participate in raising awareness.

For information on Starwood's new eco-friendly concept hotels, read about The Element Hotel in Irving.

This year the WWF is urging Earth Hour participants to go beyond Earth Hour and do more every day to help the environment. If your traveling, this means turning off the television and lights before leaving your hotel room, avoiding excessive laundering services from housekeeping, and choosing eco-friendly hotels with low-flow faucets, recycling services and other environmentally friendly practices.

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So what are you doing for Earth Hour?


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