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Earth day in the landscape

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To help make a difference with conserving the energy of many resources that is given.

Water at times, so the green life may benefit from the water given and loss of moisture will not be lost to the temperature and climate.

To add to conservation of enjoying the ambiance of lights through the solar light system, conserving electric for the most part when not needed as much with a combination of using solar lights when accessible and using electric lighting when very much needed.

Creating compost from discarded materials that would be sufficient to add to soil of the plant life.

Enjoyments of the land with helping the earth thrive with green life growing a garden of vegetables to bring indoors for mealtime.

In addition, buy and eat locally to contribute to what is grown locally.

Most call it going green it's having respect for the well-being of the earth.

Plant a tree in El Paso, TX to encourage and support green growth as well as clean air.

Use less pesticide when necessary and generate a source of natural formula to protect animals, environment and all.

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