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Earth Day: Having the good sense to recognize the climate change fraud

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Knowing that those who promote global warming are just trying to milk people of money is just a matter of intelligence and education. People who cannot predict tomorrow’s weather certainly cannot predict the climate in a hundred years. When they say it is science people don’t understand, that deniers are religious zealots engrossed in superstition and small minded ideology, they’re saying you’re too stupid to recognize their bullshit – and they’re right.

If I wanted America to fail

Climate change is about politics, not science. If it were about science, then its leading advocate would not be a politician, Al Gore. Gore’s “scientific” predictions made in his 2006 movie, “An Inconvenient Truth,” is today faced with the inconvenient truths that his predictions have fallen flat on their faces. The Earth has been cooling for the past fifteen years, where his ‘hockey stick’ climatology said temperatures would skyrocket.

More embarrassing still is the North Polar ice cap that he predicted would melt away completely and flood the planet, raising sea levels twenty-five feet by 2020. Here it is just eight years later and the ice cap this past winter was larger than it has been the last forty winters. And the sea level hasn’t risen even a smidgeon, especially noteworthy as the North Pole is an ice cube that any elementary scientist knows will not raise water levels when it melts.

Being intelligent is both a blessing and a curse. But even a super computer is worthless without a hard drive of programs and data. Knowing geography and meteorology helps one to understand that theories like the “global conveyor” is not the driving force that warms the planet. The sun is the Earth’s primary source, and no one understands why the Earth has gone into ice ages, or why there are warm periods of about ten thousand years every hundred thousand years.

On this Earth Day people would do well to understand that we are responsible to keep our environment clean, but that we do not control the climate of the planet. And that we are equally responsible not to be taken in by politicians who tell us they can predict the future, and that ‘we must act before it’s too late because we can’t take the chance that they are right.’ If you think that then you should give them your money, not call for others to give them theirs.

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