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Earth Day in Green Valley Ranch

Last week I attended an Earth Day event with our twins and spent part of my time observing the attendees. There I was the mom with the kids while my husband was at home working his Photography business. One of the things that I noticed during Earth Day was a lot of moms with their kids and nieces and nephews. Understandably it was communicated among the husband and wife; the wife would take the kids to Earth Day. I did see some Dads with their kids and the mom wasn’t there but there were not many Dads without the moms.

It is always fun “people watching” and I saw one mom call a husband and say can you come and help. Reason being was the kids did not want to leave the “bounce house” and she clearly wanted to visit some of the other exhibits. I on the other hand made sure that our twins visited all the other booths and we talked with the people at the booth regarding various educational lessons before going to the bounce house. I knew once we went there they would not want to leave. It was a fun time for all.

When it comes to events, is it an understood rule in families that moms take the kids or dads take the kids or both? I tell you from personal experience, it really depends on what the event is and if I think my husband has not had enough “Daddy time” with the kids without me then I will easily bow out and give him his time. Why? Because I am a homeschool parent and with them every day while he goes to work. Then we make sure we have family time also. It is important that neither parent feels slighted when it comes to having time with their child(ren).

There are always educational and fun events in the Denver Metro area where parents and their children can participate. Look at the events happening this coming weekend:

Book and Lovers Day at Tattered Cover -
This is an awesome bookstore and there is something for everyone there.

The Cherry Creek Sneak – if you are into health and fitness for the family this will be loads of fun.


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