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Earth Day celebrated throughout the globe

Earth Day is celebrated every April 22, and Tuesday is the latest celebration of the event that has been going on since 1970, according to a USA Today report on Tuesday. As per usual, some of the Earth Day events have been held on the weekend prior to or following Earth Day – when it hits a week day as it does this year. The celebration of Earth Day was started in the United States.

Earth Day

The reason for Earth Day was to increase everyone’s attention to environmental concerns throughout the globe. Going far beyond the United States’ initial observation of the day. Earth Day is now celebrated by more than a billion people. Additionally, the billion people are reportedly from 180 nations.

It is said that the current observation of Earth Day has intense public support for cleaner water and air. The challenges facing the environment in the future have to do with climate change according to scientists who are practically unanimous in believing that there is going to be tremendous problems for the earth if the global citizens do not act immediately to reduce greenhouse gases. Unfortunately, there are many of the concerned persons who believe that people are simply not responding to the threats on the environment.

It is reported that the masses are not motivated to respond to environmental concerns until our air becomes so polluted that it is difficult to breath. The masses are not motivated to respond to environmental concerns until our water becomes too polluted to drink or even to enter on the world’s beaches. Also, Earth Day comes with a criticism of the human race for not sacrificing the world’s high- consumption lifestyles.

Granted, high-consumption lifestyles take sacrifices to help - such as spending more time in the dark and giving up high-pollution vehicles such as SUVs. People, for the most part, are simply not willing to make these sacrifices for the sake of the earth. Yet there are some efforts in 2014 to help the environment.

Apple, for example, has been distributing gift cards at some of its 420 stores throughout the globe in exchange for iPhones and iPods that are still good enough to be resold, according to an ABC News report. Apple is helping the environment by recycling its products for free. Note, however, that there are no gift cards being offered for products being returned that have little-to-no value.

The move by Apple is paramount as technology products and services add up to 2 percent of the worldwide emissions in recent years. Apple is the globe’s largest technological firm. On Earth Day 2014, Apple is being applauded for its efforts in trying to come up with environmental concerns’ solutions rather than adding its electronics to the vast problem. While other firms and organizations are moving forward to address current environmental concerns, Apple is making tremendous strides of which it can only be hoped that other companies and organizations will follow.

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