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Earth Day celebrated at Albany Campus

God of fertility and plenty
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UAlbany hosts a celebration for Earth Day this weekend featuring a wide range of activities planned to appeal to a broad youth audience including a land planning challenge; composting; glaciers: then and now; creating arctic creatures mobiles, and a traveling nitrogen game, where students learn how clouds are formed.

Dr. Roberta Johnson, clinical professor at UAlbany describes it as this: "Probably one of the best places for young people to really get to apply STEM in action, so science, technology, engineering, and math, and what more important place to apply that knowledge is in the area of the earth and our environment and how to live on it sustainably."

The celebration is a positive way to make citizens aware of the earth's sustainability, and to do what we can as good stewards to honor it. Christians also are told to tend the earth to be stewards of what God created, but also to make use of its bounty (Genesis 1:29).

Some activist groups go too far as to prevent usage of its supply. And others worship the environment as if it is an entity. The celebration can become a neo-pagan / political hybrid as a means of activism to get in the way of development and usage.

Pagans worship Mother earth, in Greek Mythology known as Gaia, as a personification of the goddess of fertility. Earth becomes a god in itself and the sustainability of the environment has a whole different perspective. Christians respect nature, but rather than worship the created things, worship the Creator of them.


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