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Earth day 2015

Earth day is an amazing celebration especially after the winter we have had this year! Earth day is on April 22. The weather should be warmer and spring should be in full swing.

Teaching children about Earth day does not need to be full of serious conversation. There are plenty of hands on activities a parent can do with their children. However, Earth day discussions are good as well.

Explain to them that Earth is the only planet, that we know of, that sustains human life. Human life is a precious gift that needs to be cherished. Therefore, we need to care of the place we live.

Protecting the Earth can be overwhelming to a child. Small steps offer big rewards when it comes to being good to the environment. It does not need to be a high tech solution or require major solutions.

Recycling is so easy. Many towns have it and often require it. Don't just trash plastic, paper or glass.

Reuse whenever possible. Use water bottles instead of throwing away bottles.

Donate clothes and toys instead of throwing them away. Pick up trash that is littered and never litter.

Plant flowers, gardens, plants and trees.

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