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Earth Day 2010 at Bahia Honda State Park

Path from  parking lot to old Bahia Honda Bridge.
Path from parking lot to old Bahia Honda Bridge.

Earth Day is the result of the vision of US Senator Gaylord Nelson. He first mentioned the concept in a speech in September 1969. His staff ran with the idea and on April 22, 1970, the first Earth Day was celebrated by approximately 20 million Americans.

Blind pelican.
Wendy Wilson

In the years since, Earth Day has expanded. In 2007, an estimated billion people, from thousands of countries, took part around the globe.

Bahia Honda State Park has its own Earth Day celebration every year for the past 15 years. This year the celebration will be held on April 10. The event runs from 9 am to 2 pm and includes free entry into the park.

There are lots of things to see & do during this event. Face painting and a sand sculpture contest are among the happenings for children. The local Moose Lodge will be making food and there will be exhibits galore. A touch tank for sea life is always a big hit. There are vendors and informational exhibits to help educate attendees on such subjects as how to safely boat and fish, how to properly recycle, and who to contact if you find injured wildlife.

Last year a Wild Bird Rescue organization had an exhibit which included a blind pelican. Stroking the velvet soft feathers and pouch was a never to be forgotten moment.

Since park entry is free, take the opportunity to walk to the top of the old Bahia Honda Bridge and take in the view. It is very impressive. Looking down, you can see the bottom of the water, it is so clear. Be sure to tour the displays that are on the park grounds and, if it’s warm enough, spend some time wading in the clear green waters.


  • Patty Davis 5 years ago

    Loved the slideshow especially the picture of Flat Stanley! Thanks for sharing.

  • Jill ZB, Florida Keys travel examiner 5 years ago

    I've lived in the Keys 15 years and have yet to make it to Bahia Honda. Thanks for letting me see what I'm missing!

  • Chris Brotherton 5 years ago

    That looks like a great event, and what a gorgeous view from on top of the bridge! One of these days my two wheels and I will make it down there to see some of these beautiful sights myself.

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