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Earth Day 2010



Earth Day 2010

This year as we celebrated the 40th anniversary of earth day, the planet earth was letting us know that all is not well on the planet. There has recently been a series of earth quakes, tsunamis, droughts, hurricanes, tornados and melting of the ice caps. The volcano eruption in Iceland brought air travel over Europe to a grinding halt. The planet seems to be angry. The earth is experiencing one natural disaster after another.
Just this past weekend, Mississippi and Alabama experienced destructive tornados. They were tornados of intense force which left a path of destruction over 100 miles wide.
 On Earth Day, Oprah showed a huge mass of garbage floating in the Atlantic Ocean between the United States and the Hawaiian Islands. It consisted primarily of plastic trash and diapers and just junk. It was very repulsive and disgusting to see. Many people do not think when they throw things into the water about where it ends up.
Thankfully many communities have stepped up their efforts to increase environmental awareness. It only makes good sense to reuse and recycle. The earth has given us all sorts of useful products to enhance our life on the planet. If we want it to keep giving we must take care of the planet.
In his quest for modernization, man has often overlooked the well being of the planet and in doing so caused irreparable harm in some cases.
There are some small steps we can take as individuals:
 1. Recycle and reuse anything you can.
2. Buy environmentally friendly products: avoid plastics that don’t degrade naturally.
3. Stop wasting energy: turn out unused lights and stop faucet drips, turn down the heat.
4. Take a walk occasionally when you can instead of driving all of the time.
5. Mulch when you cut your grass
6. Reuse your grocery bags
7. Consider buying a hybrid vehicle for your next car.
These are just a few ideas that we can use to better the planet. Everyone needs to get involved and do their part.



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