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Earth changes put dams at risk: Massive 65-ft crack in Washington state dam

Wanapum Dam on the Columbia River
Wanapum Dam on the Columbia River
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On Feb 25, 2014, a lopsided bowing of the mile-long Wanapum Dam on the Columbia River in Washington state was noticed near a section of a spill gate pier. When divers examined the area Thursday, they discovered a massive 2-inch wide horizontal crack about 75 ft. below the water’s surface. The massive crack runs the entire width of the 65-ft. wide pier causing a misalignment in the dam.

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The Wanapum Dam supports the Grant County Public Utility, a power supplier to major data centers operated by Microsoft, Yahoo, Dell, Sabey Data Centers and Vantage Data Centers.

The Zetas of ZetaTalk have predicted that all dams will break, either during the pole shift or in the months leading up to it. When dams are built, the builders assume rock holding both sides of the dam will remain fixed. However, this is not the case in subduction zones, where earth moves either upward or from side to side. The Zetas say during side-to-side earth movement, these supposed “fixed” sides of dams will pull apart, slide forward, or backward. Source

Major earth changes, precursors of the coming Pole shift, are now putting (and will continue to put) the dams of the world at risk.

Other dams at risk:

Officials, who recognize this is a "serious problem," say there is "no threat to the public" from the massive crack in the Wanapum Dam, which happens to be just down stream from where Interstate 90 crosses the river. But, in fact, the risk of a failure at the Wanapum Dam is so high that the Grant County officials have initiated an emergency plan to relieve pressure on the dam by lowering the water level by 20 ft.

Even if the dam doesn’t break, the significance of the damage from the massive crack is likely to require extensive repairs that could impact the entire Columbia River system.

It would appear that Planet X (Nibiru)-caused earth changes have moved to yet a higher and more dangerous level, especially for those living in areas near dams like the Wanapum Dam in Washington state.

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