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Earth Alliance: A SCI-FI Comic Book Relaunch

The year is 2190. The people of Earth live in a future in which humanity has achieved quite a number of incredible technological advancements — including the ability to travel through space — which is as common as current day air travel. On Earth all fossil fuels have been depleted. The economic divisions between nations have grown even wider due to the ability of some countries to source a mineral called Elirium which is found on a number of alien planets throughout the universe and is now used as the primary fuel source to power our cities and infrastructure. Ten space-faring nations of Earth (the G-10 Nations) hold most of the economic and military power. These nations are currently embroiled in a cold war; they fight over planets rich in Elirium deposits. The G-10 nations are in a constant race to establish mining colonies on these planets because in 2190 Elirium is power.

Space Opera
Raymond Fields
Look to the stars
Raymond Fields

Unfortunately, Earth is not the only planet that uses Elirium as a primary source of power. The planet Khutarri is a planet that also supports a humanoid-like race that is similar in development and technology to Earth; and also covets Elirium for the same reasons as does Earth. As it turns out, several corporations and governments on Earth have laid claim to a number of planets that the Khutarri claim as well. The two planets have tried to establish a peaceful solution to the disputed territory but have not been able to reach an amicable solution. Now the two planets stand on the brink of war.

Two main figures represent a Khutarri society divided by a pair of conflicting political ideologies. Ambassador Zatar a man of peace prefers to use diplomacy to solve disputes. Zatar led a diplomatic delegation during the discussions with Earth. General Brom favors a more hawkish approach. Brom a highly decorated career military leader favors strength through military might. He has been pressing the Khutarri leader, Chancellor Thata to attack Earth and simply take the disputed planets by force. The American President Estrada is facing pressure from American Elirium corporations to stand strong and use military power to hold on to the disputed planets, putting Earth at a pivitol crossroad: Do the nations of Earth decide to end their long-standing internal disputes with each other establish an Alliance, or attempt to each deal with the alien forces on their own? The fate of the world’s economy and perhaps more lies in the balance.

Now, after an unprovoked attack by the Khuttari, the nations of Earth put aside their nationalistic differences and form an alliance to repel the invaders. Admiral Benjamin Ryan, a highly-regarded military leader, is chosen to lead the Earth Alliance forces and prepare for war. However, the Khuttari War is not the only conflict that the Admiral faces. He is also at odds with his rebellious 18-year old son, Thomas, who is headed down the wrong path and is forced to join the space service at the outset of the war. After entering the academy Thomas forms a reluctant student/mentor relationship with Captain Miles Harper, the new Academy Commandant. As the war progresses Thomas and his father find themselves playing a pivotal role defending Earth from the Khuttari threat.

Earth Alliance begins with a four issue story arc, with plans for additional issues. Ray Fields, The founder of Future Earth Entertainment, and the creative force behind the Earth Alliance Universe, who serves as Chief Creative Officer and head writer tells us that the purpose of this Kickstarter campaign is to raise funds to pay the artists, with all of the money from this campaign will go directly to the artists on the project. Marc Olivent is the penciler, inker and letterer. Marc hails from the UK and is a veteran of several comics and graphic novels. Rachel N Ward serves as colorist for the series. Rachel who is new to the comic book industry, is a recent graduate of Florida Southern art school. This will serve as her first comic book production. Fans can follow the project on twitter (@scifiwriter1), on Facebook, or on Pinterest.

This project will only be funded if at least $1,000 is pledged by Mon, Feb 10 2014.


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