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Ears All Right by Ark Naturals soothes itchy ears

Soothing stuff for itchy ears!
P O'Beollain

Sometimes itchy ears in the house rabbit can be a sign of mites, fleas or ear infections. Sometimes, however, itchy ears can just be dry skin or a little wax buildup, Your veterinarian will need to examine your rabbit’s ears (both the ear flaps and the ear canal) in order to make a proper diagnosis, but in the absence of mites, infection or other pathological conditions, your rabbit’s ears may itch due to dry skin and/or mild allergies. In the absence of infection, antibiotics are contraindicated, and your veterinarian will have properly cleaned your bunny’s ears of any waxy buildup…but the dry skin is still itchy.

One product that works well in soothing their itchy ears is Ears All Right™ by Ark Naturals (the same company that manufactures Eyes So Bright). Ears All Right is made with natural herbal extracts and cleans and soothes the ears without burning. 5 to 10 drops of solution can be applied into the ear canal for cleansing, or the solution can be applied on a cotton ball and applied to the ear flap to gently soothe itchy skin. You can use Ears All Right two or three times a day.

Ears All Right™ is formulated using premium botanicals, and consists of aloe vera gel (whole leaf), isopropanol USP, glycerin, calendula extract, rosemary extract, myrrh extract, cinnamon oil and de-ionized water. It smells great and the rabbits do not object to the natural fragrance.

In addition to soothing itchy ears, Ears All Right™ can soften and remove wax, dirt, and foreign debris, and can be used as an adjunct therapy (with your vet’s approval) for mite infestation. Ears All Right™ is also great for soothing insect bites and minor scratches, and is appropriate for cats, dogs, rabbits, and people! Locally, Ark Naturals Products are available at Olympia Health Foods in Kettering.

Note: Never insert swabs or sharp objects into your pet’s ear canal!



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