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Earn free gift cards from home

Earn free gift cards from home
Earn free gift cards from home
instaGC is a website dedicated to giving away free instant online gift cards. They offer gift cards to just about every online store you can imagine, from Amazon to Walmart. Once you sign up on the website, you can start earning and collect points. Each point is equivalent to one cent or penny. So to earn one dollar you will need to earn one hundred points. The smallest gift card you can get is one dollar. So once you have earned at least one hundred points you can go to the gift cards store and buy a one dollar gift card. You can buy as many cards as you have points, so the more you earn the higher the value online gift card you can buy. The online gift cards can be used right away, there is no waiting days to get the gift card codes. The cards come with codes that you copy and paste, when spending them to a online store. To earn points there are many different things to do. One of the easiest and quickest ways to earn points is to download the free iPhone and iPad apps. These apps are easy because all you have to do is download and open the free apps and you receive the points. You can also earn by listing to music in the radio loyalty section. Every thirty minutes of listing to music will get you three points, these can add up. Watching videos can earn points as well. If you don't mind taking surveys you can do surveys in the peanut lab section to earn higher amount of points. Though you will not qualify for every survey available. The surveys are kind of hit and miss, when it comes to qualifying.

Top easiest ways to earn points on

1. Download all the free iPhone/iPad/android apps.

2. Signup for the free offers.

3. Listen to music in radio loyalty.

4. Watch videos.

5. Take surveys.