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Earn cash back when you grocery shop with Checkout 51

Earn cash back when you grocery shop with Checkout 51
Earn cash back when you grocery shop with Checkout 51
Checkout 51

If clipping coupons isn't your idea of a good time but you'd still like to save a little at the grocery store, then it's time you checked out Checkout 51, the new app that gives you cash back every time you buy groceries.

How does Checkout 51 work?

Checkout 51 members have a weekly list of offers to choose from. You receive cash back when you buy any of the items on the list. Here's an example:

This week, if you buy two bags of Hall's cough drops (17 count or higher) Checkout 51 will give you $1 back.

Each week there are more than a dozen similar offers. Recently, you received $1 when you purchased a gallon of milk or 50 cents when you bought a dozen eggs. It might not sound like much, but it soon adds up.

Why choose Checkout 51?

Ibotta has long been the app of choice for shoppers who want to save more money at the grocery store, but Checkout 51 has one thing Ibotta doesn't offer: The ability to upload your grocery receipts online, via your own computer, directly to the website.

In order to reap the benefits of Ibotta, members must download an app and use a Smartphone to upload receipts. The folks at Checkout 51 understand that not everyone has – or wants – a Smartphone, so they've made it easy for you. Just upload your receipts like you would any other image, directly to their website.

According to, there's another reason you should check out Checkout 51:

CheckOut 51 has a somewhat different selection of offers than Ibotta (so far.) We’ve had trouble finding some of the products listed on Ibotta, but all of the Checkout 51 offers are available in our marketing area – AND they’re products we would normally buy.

Of course, the best reason to check out Checkout 51 is the cash. As soon as you reach $20 you can claim you reward and Checkout 51 will send you a check.

Donna Anderson is one-half of The Happy Couponers duo. Together, she and her daughter, Jessica Crowe, hope to make the world a happier place for everybody who wants to save money on groceries. They share their coupon tips at The Happy Couponer blog and clipping service.

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