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Earn additional savings on all your online purchases with Fatwallet service

A screenshot of the Fatwallet user forums
A screenshot of the Fatwallet user forums
Torley via Flickr

It’s well known that online shopping is the way to go when scavenging for the best prices available. Go into any brick & mortar store today then pick any item at random and nine times out of ten you could easily pull out your smartphone, search the model number, and find a better deal on the internet. However, even though you can already score significantly lower priced items online, what’s the harm in sweetening those deals even further?

Fatwallet is an online rebate website which operates independently from retailers or product manufactures. The way it works is by acting as a portal to various online retailers. When registered users are directed to the websites via the “Cash Back” portal links, users can potentially receive cash back on whatever items they purchase. The rebate amount is usually based on a percentage (designated by the portal link) of total sale. Keep in mind that you cannot receive Cash Back credit on purchases you make without first logging into your Fatwallet account and landing on the online store of your choice via the portal links on Fatwallets website.

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Excerpt shared with permission from Penn Caprice.