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Early voting - curbside voting for the elderly and disabled

Earling voting began February 16th
Earling voting began February 16th

Early voting for the March 2010 Primaries began on February 16, 2010.

With issues on the table in the Federal Government such as Health Care Reform and Medicare, it is important for all, especially seniors to make their voices heard.

Early voting is available to all registered voters, and can be a lot easier on the elderly and disabled than going to vote on Election Day, as there are shorter lines.  Early voting will end on February 26, 2010, four days before the main Primary Election on March 2, 2010.

A person who has difficultly walking or standing for long periods can call their early voting clerk prior to going, and an election official will bring your ballot to your car outside the polling place.  This procedure is called "curbside voting" and is available during early voting and on Election Day.  State and Federal law requires all early and Election Day polling locations to be physically accessible to voters with disabilities.

To locate your polling place click  HERE ..

For a list of Country Registrars click HERE .

For a list of candidates and what is on the March 2nd ballot click  HERE .


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