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Early turnout results for the 2014 Primary Election in St. Lucie County

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Early Voter Turnout

As per the St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections website----St. Lucie County total votes cast as of August 23, 2014 at 6:10 p.m. are as follows----Total ballots cast by mail: 14,453; total votes via Early Voting: 5,032; Provisional ballots: 6; Total votes cast to date: 19,491 which leaves 161,316 registered voters to show up at the polls on August 26. St. Lucie County has a total of 180,807 registered voters as of August 23, broken down as follows: 75,995 Democrats; 55,904 Republicans; 41,848 NPA and 7,060 Other.

Mid-Term elections are known for low voter turnout and when some “not-so-prime-time candidates” sneak in under a not so observed election by the masses. Across the country it is the same and this is where the American people end up getting a bite in the ##??! Crude, but true. Suggestions have been coming forth of late to eliminate this mid-term malaise (Malaise - Definition from the Free Merriam ... a slight or general feeling of not being healthy or happy: a problem or condition that harms or weakens a group, society, etc.) and help us restructure to a level of interest that will benefit and not hinder “we the people” but aid us in selections being made that have the majority of the electorate’s attention and participation through not just a registered vote, but by an active vote.

Candidates---rally your base and encourage your party members to get in the race, Independents—you too need to decide what at this point you will do to help to bring forth non-partisan candidates that best represent the total voice of those that believe in democracy and the democratic process of government (Democratic Process - Citizen Actions